Monday, 26 May 2008

Stok baru - jenis A. 8 bunga timbul. RM 90 sepasang


Telekung bunga timbul jenis A - dengan hanya 8 bunga timbul (Jenis S20 ada 20 bunga timbul). Bagi mereka yang inginkan design yang lebih simple dan tak terlalu 'lebat'... Harga RM 90 sepasang.

Klik gambar untuk imej yang lebih jelas

Contoh Telekong jenis A

Stok jenis A dibawah ini semuanya sudah habis terjual. Gambar dibawah hanya utk rujukan sahaja

Purple dan Purple Green

Biru dan Apple Green PINK DAN PINK GREEN


Friday, 16 May 2008

Unisex Wudhu Socks

Introducing the latest product in the market: Wudhu Socks.

Now we do not have to remove our socks when performing the wudhu (Ablution).

All that is needed to be done is to roll up the socks to the middle of the calf without removing it. Once you are done with the wudhu (ablution), simply roll down the socks to cover back your toes and it's done ! (Pictures 1 - 4)

Sock's Secret: It has an opening (just like a pillow case ) which enables it to be rolled upwards (please refer to picture above). This special opening part can be worn both ways, either under the toes or vice-versa according to one's comfort (Some prefer the opening not to be under the sole for a more comfortable walk as well as to give them more confidence while performing the sujud in their solat as there might be a little 'exposure' on the opening when the feet are stretched.

Most ideal for everyday use, Umrah / Haj and as gifts to your loved ones.

We have two types of socks now, Berkat and SOKA socks.

Berkat Socks

Made from a mixture of Cotton and Spandex, the socks are thick, of high quality, durable as well as stretchable. Can be worn by both men and women. The socks are free size and can fit from size 3 ladies to even size 9 men. Highly recommended to be used in solats.

At present they come in 2 colors, Black and Grey

Prices of Berkat socks (excluding postage):

  1. RM 15 a pair.
  2. Purchase of 12 pairs - RM14.00 a pair.
  3. Purchase of 36 pairs - RM13.00 a pair.

SOKA Socks

SOKA socks are made from a mixture of Nylon and Spandex, the socks are not as thick as Berkat socks but still of high quality, durable as well as stretchable. These socks are more recommended for Muslimah for aurat covering purposes. They are free size and fit Muslimahs' from sizes 3 - 8.

Colours available: Skin (Brown) & Black and White.

Prices of SOKA socks(excluding postage):

  1. RM 12 a pair.
  2. Purchase of 12 pairs - RM11.00 a pair.
  3. Purchase of 36 pairs - RM10.00 a pair.


  1. 1 pair - RM 3.00
  2. 2 -4 pairs - RM 4.00
  3. > 5 pairs - RM8 - RM10.00 (depending on quantity and location)

Note: Overseas deliveries can be arranged. Postage will be according to Pos Malaysia's rate

How to Order:

  1. Confirm colour and quantity through e-mail: or sms +6012-5120704
  2. We will inform you your total costs (including postage)
  3. Please Bank-in to Maybank account number 1580 1502 0449
  4. sms/e-mail your address for delivery purposes.
  5. Product will be shipped soonest possible.